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Carpet Cleaning Sheffield, removing stubborn odours and putting the freshness back into your premises.

Full Odour Removal Services In Sheffield

Odours can one of the hardest things to remove from a carpet and it’s for this reason most people accept that, “it’s just the way it is”, and buy extra air fresheners. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Carpet Cleaning Sheffield have worked with 100’s of homes throughout Sheffield to tackle all types of odours from pet smells to food spills.

We’ve successfully removed the toughest of odours whilst maintaining the carpets texture and colour at the same time.

Our professional Odour removal service use environmentally friendly but highly effective products for easy removal of those unwanted odours, leaving your carpets smelling as fresh as the day you bought them.

Other Services

We are not just your local carpet cleaning company in Sheffield, we provide a range of other professional cleaning services too.


“The difference was amazing. My carpets are looking like new again. Excellent Job Guys.”

- Tom Reilly

If you need your Upholstery or Carpet Cleaned, I would give Carpet Cleaning Sheffield a call, excellent results and great price.”

- Kevin Dilks

“Great company to work with. Always reliable and very accommodating. First class work every time.”

- Noel Finnegan

“I have been using Carpet Cleaning Sheffield for years now and they never seem to disappoint. Very thorough, professional and an all-round great service.”  

- John Coady

“Excellent service, Very professional and knowledgeably. I would have no problem in recommending and will continue to use.”

- Margret Butler

“Fabulous service. My carpets haven’t looked this good in years. They were quick, efficient, well organised and friendly.”

- Maggie O’Connor

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